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Leđni prišivak – razni motivi

59,00 Kn

Igle i konac (ili peglu) u ruke i izrazi svoju osobnost i glazbeni ukus!

59,00 Kn
Odaberi AC/DC - For Those About To Rock Black Sabbath - Lord Of This World Iron Maiden - Killers Iron Maiden - The Trooper Metallica - Kill 'Em All Metallica - Master Of Puppets Motorhead - Ace Of Spades Pantera - 101 Slayer - Eagle The Ramones - Presidential Seal
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cca 36×28 (v x š) cm, (cca 28 cm promjer za okrugle)


AC/DC – For Those About To Rock, Black Sabbath – Lord Of This World, Iron Maiden – Killers, Iron Maiden – The Trooper, Metallica – Kill 'Em All, Metallica – Master Of Puppets, Motorhead – Ace Of Spades, Pantera – 101, Slayer – Eagle, The Ramones – Presidential Seal


Leđni prišivak na omiljeni bend za omiljenu jaknu ili prsluk!

Raspoloživi motivi: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Motorhead, Pantera, The Ramones, Slayer

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Nešto o povijesti prišivaka:

While hippies were focused less on the mainstream and more on going against the current, their movement affected trends worldwide. However unintentional, their movement was not only of morals, but of fashion. They abandoned tailored suits and politely tasteful attire and defined their stance by keeping things flowy and au natural in long dresses, shabby jeans and wearing their hair natural. Seventies attire is definitely seeing a resurgence on runways, but the look was rooted in pieces much more shabby than chic.

Hippies donned military surplus attire, second-hand frocks, and started repairing and embellishing their looks with none other than clothing patches. Printed or embroidered, cheeky or satirical, their radical patches looked cool and showed off icons of their movement.
– citat iz “A Brief Fashion History: The Role of Clothing Patches in Counterculture


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