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Tune In – The Beatles: All These Years (vol. 1)

Igor Maračić

This is book one of three, exploring and explaining a period that is by very definition lesser-known: the formative pre-fame years, the teenage years, the Liverpool and Hamburg years – in many ways the most absorbing and incredible period of them all. The Beatles come together here in all their originality, attitude, style, speed, charisma, appeal, daring and honesty, the tools with which they’re about to reshape the world. It’s the Beatles in their own time, an amazing story of the ultimate rock band, a focused and colorful telling that builds and builds to leave four sharp lads from Liverpool on the very brink of a whole new kind of fame.

Dreaming the Beatles

Dreaming the Beatles: The Love Story of One Band and the Whole World (tvrdi uvez)

Krešimir Blažević

Dreaming the Beatles is not another biography of the Beatles, or a song-by-song analysis of the best of John and Paul. It isn’t another exposé about how they broke up. It isn’t a history of their gigs or their gear. It is a collection of essays telling the story of what this ubiquitous band means …

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The Beatles Lyrics: The Unseen Story Behind Their Music

Igor Maračić

The first-ever collection of the original handwritten Beatles‘ lyrics. Never before has anyone attempted to track down and publish the original versions of the classic songs, many of which have never yet been published. These documents have ended up in the hands of collectors and friends of the Beatles, scattered across the world at museums …

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And in the End: The Last Days of the Beatles

Igor Maračić

This is the story of the last acrimonious days of the Beatles, a final chapter reconstructing for the first time the seismic events of 1969…

The Mammoth Book of The Beatles


Over 30 landmark interviews, accounts, and memoirs of The Beatles and their entourage, recording how they inadvertently became counter-culture’s figureheads and changed society. The pieces include Paul Johnson’s “The Menace of Beatlism”, Maureen Cleave’s “Beatles Bigger than Christ” feature, the News of the World feature suggesting The Beatles were spent forces – just before they …

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The Beatles termosica

Igor Maračić

The Beatles termosica od nehrđajućeg čelika, zapremine 350 ml.

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The Beatles In Pictures


This book takes a nostalgic and affectionate look at Britain’s most famous pop group, from their early days in the 1960s to the most recent activities of the surviving members, with the aid of approximately 350 photographs from the extensive archives of Mirrorpix.


The Beatles Yellow Submarine Monopoly

Krešimir Blažević

As of July 2018, it will have been 50 years since The Beatles released their iconic animated movie and album YellowSubmarine, which has to be the trippiest film in music history. It has characters and settings like the Dreadful Flying Glove, the Sea of Nothing, a submarine on a pyramid, and so much other goofy …